Choose Joy

Last week was an enjoyable week as most are anymore. It seems we recognize how much joy there is in each day God gives us. I use to hurry through life looking forward to going to bed at night but not anymore. Moving south is not what has changed my perspective….that happened almost 2 years ago when I realized I didn’t know how many tomorrows l might have left.  God has shown me each day here is a gift to open, share and enjoy so here is a glimpse of our blessed week. BTW…unwanted happenings still occur but we know from past experiences God knows they are coming & is already at work on the solutions.


We rode our bikes a lot. So much fun! I always wanted to try town living & this was one of the reasons.


Went to the beach a few times. This wasn’t built by us but we enjoyed seeing someone else’s creativity.


My little piece of self expression combining Ohio & Florida! The hens & chickens were from my parents home years ago.


We played with this little cutie a couple of days. So worth the move!

And had a wonderful time of worship on Sunday! Christ Church Camden

I could list all the negatives that came our way but what good would that do? I’d miss out on a whole lot of happiness. Enjoy your life whatever comes your way…..we only get one! šŸ™‚

Love & Blessings!

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