My Version of a Gazing Ball Lol!

Since we’ve moved to a “different” culture I find myself doing things I would have never thought of before. The weekend we went to the Shrimp festival I was amazed at the upcycled art that was selling for much more than I could believe. I have no designs on becoming a paid artist but am not above upcycling things around the house for fun. So here’s my latest project: A memory gazing ball.


Terry’s bowling bowl acquired from Mason Bowling lanes when he worked there. And yes, he gave me permission to use it.:mrgreen:


This was at the end of our front deck…we don’t know why but it was there.


Since we love the beach I decided to use shells from the many beaches we visited over the years…. Virginia, Tybee, Jekyll, American etc. I glued them with Gorilla glue but Tile paste would work too.


And here’s the finished project. With a little bit of paint and a lot of shells,we now have a memory Gazing Ball. Honestly we laugh every time we look at it because we think it’s funny. So yes, we’ve moved to Florida and I am now officially a starving artist. Lol!

Blessings and laughter! 🙂

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